Baran Demirok


A designer who loves to build simple and beautiful things.

Demirok’s extensive references managing variety of residential and commercial projects, including company headquarters, retail spots for international brands, stylish summer houses and retreats allowed XOX to hold organizing responsibilities for major landmark constructional sites. He leads every single project hands on and shares a unique and intense work experience with his team. Down to earth and postive approach to design process is Demirok’s main principle which the XOX team had also maintained refreshingly thourough out the years. Every project is a challange that must be met with adaquate admiration allowing the oppourtunity to create a new dynamic environment. 


1990 - Bornova Anadolu High School

1997 - İstanbul Technical University Architecture


2006 - Yapı Endüstri Merkezi - Best Stand Design

2017 - Silver A Design Award - Lounge Chair

2018 - Iron A Design Award - XTREAT Lounge Chair